The Future of Workers' Power

Wobbly is a workplace organising platform, currently under development. We’re creating a space for energetic, powerful, and democratic unions to win struggles and grow.

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Organisation over mobilisation

Wobbly is optimized for organizing union action: the interaction patterns we want to make are the actions that make for unions with 90% membership, that have a strong community grounding, and feel as they are the property of members, not distant officials. Read the full introduction.

Open, encrypted, and federated

We’re creating free software built on open standards. Messages are end-to-end encrypted so servers cannot read your messages – and if you still don’t trust someone else’s server, you can host your own while still organizing with others.

Developed democratically

Wobbly uses Convocational Development, a development methodology focused on creating a community of developers, users, designers, and facilitators, who can work out the needs and features together.

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